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Sondes from Vivax-Metrotech are small self-contained battery powered transmitter that can be located by a compatible pipe locator receiver. Sondes are typically used to locate non-metallic pipe, drains, sewer or duct.

The sonde is propelled along the non-metallic pipe using conventional drain push rods, or pipe inspection camera systems. Sondes are also used to trace non-metallic sewers, drains, ducts or pipes and to pinpoint blockages or collapses.

Underground Line Locator And Sonde Equipment

Standard Sondes: The Standard Sonde combines compact size with a strong signal. The standard for most applications unless a smaller size, greater depth or specially rugged construction is required. D64 Sonde The D64 sondes have very strong enclosure suitable for the most abrasive and rugged duty in municipal sewer systems.

The sonde has a long life for daily use in all conditions. D23 Sonde The Flexible sonde is an articulated sonde transmitters and can be used with any Hz locator.

This flexible sonde is for use with cast iron pipe. D18 Sonde This sonde has a strong signal for use in small diameter pipes and ducts.

D22 Sondes: The D22 Sonde combines compact size with a strong signal. Designed for legacy Metrotech locator frequencies. The vLoc3-Cam receiver is designed primarily for locating sondes industry standard frequencies.

Users can also use the passive power and radio modes for locating signals radiating from adjacent pipes and cables. This allows users the ability to sweep an area for known and unknown utilities.

The Pushrod and line trace "83kHz" mode allows users to locate pushrod when using an optional transmitter. The vScan receivers antenna orientation makes it ideal for sonde locating.

A passive power 60Hz and Radio mode is included for locating passive signals radiating from adjacent pipes and cables, thus providing users an ability to sweep for both known and unknown utilities. The VM receiver is designed to locate pushrod camera sondes.

A passive power 60Hz mode is included for locating signals radiating from adjacent pipes and cables, thus providing users an ability to sweep for both known and unknown utilities.

Digital 512 hz Sonde Locator

Sonde adapter is required for Jameson pushrod use. Heavy duty flexible adapter M10 is required for Jameson pushrod use. Available End Caps. M10 Eyelet. M10 Stud - Narling 2.Research not only the manufacturer, but also the factory authorized representative that sells the underground line locator equipment. Be sure the representative has a website that you can visit to view all the line locator equipment they sell. When purchasing an underground line locator, make sure you are working with a factory authorized specialist that offers free on-site demonstrations, not just a manual or CD.

A huge bonus is the specialist offers free on site training, not only after the sale, but yearly training for the life of the equipment. This goes a long way as your company may have promotions and new employees. This is very important at 3 a. Never purchase an underground line locator without a free on site demonstration, even if you are purchasing from the same manufacturer you have purchased from before.

Locator Sondes for Conduit & Pipe

There may be upgrades and changes in technology that are unfamiliar to you. Remember, you want the most advanced technology for your technicians. This tells your technicians you care about them and how they perform their job. Ask your representative if the line locator transmitter and receiver have multiple frequencies and multiple power levels.

This is important for long range locates and difficult locates. Also ask if the receiver will locate and sonde locate. If you are an electric utility, ask if the system has a volt ohm meter and can fault find and locate at the same time.

These features can cut your fault finding capabilities time in half. Make sure you are purchasing an underground line locator system that is upgradable, both transmitter and receiver, preferably over the internet. This way you do not have to send in the system to a service center and more importantly you can eliminate downtime. One very important point, make sure this is a free upgrade. A multi year warranty is also highly recommended. Make sure the locating system has dynamic overload protection.

This is very important for the operator to use on difficult locates with excessive signals present. A good example of this is high voltage overhead lines and underground lines. In other words, make sure you are working with a company that truly has the knowledge about locating and your needs. Ask about what accessories are available.

Be sure to ask about all accessories, they may save your company time and money. Ask about line locator equipment repairs. Ask if they will give you a free loaner to use while your system is in for repairs.

If you do not have the time to pack up and ship the locating system, ask your representative if they will pick up and deliver after the repair is made.

sonde locator

Make sure the company you are purchasing from gives you the customer service you deserve. Call us today at to purchase from the best in the industry!Need a handheld locator to go with your Kyrie Cam? Introducing the KC SL locator. This locator has been specifically designed to reduce human error during the location process. Combined with its precise and reliable service positioning, the KC SL will help you locate your Kyrie Sewer camera models listed below with Sonde feature up to 15 feet underground.

This model also has a push button depth feature to estimate the depth of the camera and pipe underground. The KC SL provides state of the art digital signal processing technology. The robust, lightweight design was specifically engineered for tough work site conditions. The highly visible LCD digital display has a built-in light sensor which automatically activates the backlight in low light or dark conditions.

Additional features of this instrument include depth indication, enhanced sonde detection, hazard zone alerting for close proximity of buried services and pinpoint assistance for swift accurate service positions.

The KC SL location wand is rugged, efficient and will meet all the needs of your tracing operations. Free shipping to the continental US.

Cart 0 Create account Log in. Watch the Digital hz Sonde locator in action:. Share 0 Tweet 0. More from this collection. Sold Out.Locator Sonde Spring Coupling fits between the end of a Flexrod and the sonde to reduce the shock to the sonde when hitting the wall of a pipe or to ease the sonde around bends.

The spring coupling has a M10 male thread and a M10 female thread. Use these locator sonde with the Radiodetection underground utility locators and Jameson duct rodders to pinpoint sonde locations and depths or choose a locatable conduit rodders to locate the entire rod length.

This 3 section sonde measures at Locatable to 20' with a Hz frequencies. Measuring 0. Locatable to 8. Supplied as a kit to include sonde, 2 batteries and a case. This is a self-contained, battery-operated sonde, measuring 2. It can be connected to a Flexrod for locating pipes and ducting etc. It transmits on 33kHz and can be normally located to a maximum dept of This is a self-contained, battery-operated sonde, measuring 0.

It transmits on 33kHz and can be normally located to a maximum depth of 13'. Locatable to 6.

sonde locator

Supplied as a kit to include sonde, flexible adaptor, 2 batteries, and a case. This a self-contained, battery-operated sonde measuring 0. Locatable to 13'. Supplied as a kit to include sonde, 2 batteries, and a case. This is a self-contained batery operated sonde, measuring 1. Available in 3 frequencies with a locate dept of 16'. It transmits on 33kHz and can be normallly located to a maximum depth of 26'.

Please see the sonde user guide on the Radiodection website or contact Radiodection for more information. Get More Information. Locator Sonde Accessories for tracing non-conductive utilities.Can be used to locate pinches and blocks in non-pressurized conduits and pipes. Sonde frequencies are matched to the frequency of the receiver.

Sondes at all frequencies will trace through conduit up to 20 feet in the air or 8 feet in cast iron. Simple to operate, the ergonomically designed and balanced the receiver pinpoints inspection cameras, and Sondes in nonmetallic conduits in a peak mode.

A large backlit digital display provides both relative and actual signal strength while a variable tone pitch gives an audio indication to the signal. The triple antennae configuration provides push-button depth accurate up to 15 feet and works in a peak, pin-point peak and null modes when used with a transmitter. Whether locating water lines, sewer lines, inspection cameras, or Sondes, this is an economical and dependable locator for companies of all sizes.

Backlit digital display for low-light reading Hz Push button depth up to 25 feet Locate Sondes up to 25 feet Weather proof membrane buttons Made in the U. AccuView locator details. Even first time users can quickly learn to locate inspection cameras like an expert. Durability AccuView is incredibly rugged. Rated at IP65, it is dust and dirt proof, and water resistant.

Phone: Email: info hathorncorp. Website Designed by Rood's Media. Push Reels. Hathorn Locator. Product Sheet. AccuView Locator. Hathorn Corporation. Contact Us. Social Network.For more specific information on how we use cookies and to change your cookie preferences, see our Cookie Notice. Click the X to close this notice. The NaviTrack Scout Locator is designed to solve the most demanding remote transmitter sonde locates using multi-directional locating technology.

How to Connect a Sonde Locator to a Duct Rodder

The NaviTrack Scout multi-directional antenna technology sees the entire signal all of the time. Simply maximize the signal strength and you have found the target. No nulls or false peaks to complicate the locate.

This locator verifies the locate position using a micro-mapping display to mark distinctive poles in front of and behind the target, insuring an accurate locate. Click on a Catalog Number link to view its Standard Equipment.

sonde locator

Explore Emerson. Select a Country. Easier Locates The NaviTrack Scout multi-directional antenna technology sees the entire signal all of the time. Accuracy This locator verifies the locate position using a micro-mapping display to mark distinctive poles in front of and behind the target, insuring an accurate locate.

Automatic Depth Depth is automatically calculated and displayed when over the target. Read More. Buy Now. Request a Demo. Request Info. Register Your Product. Buy Parts. Online Stores Stores Near You. Visit site for availability. In Stock. Specifications Weight 3 lbs 1. Power Source 4 C-Cell batteries. Battery Life Approximately 24 hours.

NaviTrack Scout Brochure Tracing buried pipes and cables, whether to locate faults or to avoid utilities during excavation work, can present major difficulties. This can be made even worse in cases where a pipe has rubber seals, insulators or even gaps between sections. These problems, if not overcome, can result in costly repairs, delays and in some instances personal injury. The RD Series has been designed to address these issues, specifically addressing the concerns and challenges of users such as those in the Water and Gas Industries locating buried pipes and cables.

Guidance Mode allows you to rapidly follow the path of a buried utility. Visually indicates orientation of the target cables. Allows the operator to quickly and easily follow the target line. Maximizes depth measurement accuracy by ensuring the locator is correctly with the target line. Extends the RD's locate capability into areas where other products fail. Automatically filters out large and unwanted signals while ensuring accurate location of the target utility.

Particularly useful in electrically noisy environments such as power sub stations or near overhead high-voltage cables.

sonde locator

When in Guidance Mode a continuous tone to the left of the target and an intermittent tone to the right helps guide you towards the target.

Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery options for both locator and transmitter provide extended runtime with reduced running costs. Less time walking and more time locating.

Using fundamental properties of electromagnetism, 4K CD allows you to locate your utility quickly, and eliminate wasted time following false trails. The signal can be applied either by direct connection, by clamp or by induction, which is also an excellent way of lighting up all nearby conductors for blind locates. Upgrade with up to 4 active line locating frequencies later as your needs develop. A precision locating kit offering a suite of active, passive and sonde frequencies specifically targeting the needs of Water Industry users.

Have confidence that the RD is ready for action whenever you are. Self-Test applies signals to the locating circuitry in the pipe and cable locator as well as checking display and power functions. Over 40 years of working alongside users on-site gives us the confidence to back our product with a 3 year warranty, supported by our global service network. Our experienced teams and partners provide comprehensive technical support and training tailored to your needs.

Breadcrumb Radiodetection Products RD Precision Locator Range. Cable and Pipe Locator Range Tracing buried pipes and cables, whether to locate faults or to avoid utilities during excavation work, can present major difficulties.

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Locator Sonde

Guidance Mode. Dynamic Overload Protection. Audio tones. Depth and Current. Li-Ion rechargeable battery options. As standard for RDH20 and its 1W transmitter. Advantages Durable, sealed design — IP Designed for on-site use, with IP65 ingress protection against dust and water.

Not available for the H20 and S models.