Iot temperature logger

Thanks to this, to send measurements from the sensor you do not need any additional devices! Efento Cloud enables, among others measurements recording, notifications about exceeding safe thresholds and generating automatic reports. The sensors are also equipped with the Bluetooth Low Energy interface and enable local data readout and configuration using a smartphone with the Efento Logger application.

The devices are powered by batteries that ensure their maintenance-free operation for a period of at least two years. The sensor logs 65, temperature measurements in its memory. The sensor is equipped with two data transmission interfaces and a local reading with the help of Efento Logger. The device is powered by two AA batteries, thanks to which the installation does not require running power and signal cables.

The measurement period is configurable from 1 second to 10 days. The sensor allows configuration of alarm thresholds, exceeding which will cause immediate data transmission to Efento Cloudregardless of the configured transmission period. The sensor is also equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy interface, which allows local data reading using a smartphone with the Efento Logger application and device configuration without connecting it to a computer or installing drivers! The device can also be configured remotely via Efento Cloud.

The test is performed in an external measurement laboratory using a laboratory thermometer calibrated with reference to the standards of the Central Office of Measures.

Resolution: 0.

Arduino IOT: Temperature and Humidity ( With ESP8266 WiFi)

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Industrial Temperature LORAWAN Sensor – Datalogger

Choose an option No Yes Clear.Hello everyone! I am Michalis Vasilakis from www. You can use it at home, at the office, or anywhere there is an internet connection, for indoor or outdoor data logging. For the internet connection we will use the ESP WiFi serial module because it's small,cheap and easy to use, and for data logging we will use the open data platform for the Internet of Things "ThingSpeak" www. You can also make monthly or yearly average charts and see how your climate change affects your area!

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Some users reported me that you may need an external 3. If you have any power problems with your ESP module use one 3.

Visit www. Now click on the "New Channel" second image above. Give it a name and select two fields.

Basic IoT temperature- humidity logger using DHT22- ESP8266, ESP32- Arduino IDE

If you want you can fill more info about your channel, e. Latitude and Longitude of your sensor. If you want to share sensor info with your friends and more.

Finally click on the "Save Channel" button. Click on your new channel and select the API keys tab third image above. Here's the code, embedded using Codebender! Try downloading the Codebender plugin and clicking on the "Run on Arduino" button to program your Arduino board with this sketch. And that's it, you've programmed your Arduino board directly from your browser! Now you can re-connect the RX and TX cables.

Now check your ThingSpeak channel to see the first sensor's info! The "delay ;" will send data to your ThingSpeak channel every one hour. It's not the best way for counting, but it's working fine.

You can make your own Arduino-based circuit and put it in a small box, just make sure that the sensor will be out of it. I made mine and placed it on the wall outside of my house, you can check my temperature and humidity values here! You have successfully completed this guide and now you have your own Arduino IOT device up and running! For more Arduino tutorials and cool projects you can visit our web page: www.

Tip 5 months ago. Question 1 year ago. Reply 1 year ago. Hi There I had encountered the same problem and I have rectified it. The only modifications I have made to the code is the pin i'm using and the code specific to my DHT Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply 2 years ago. Same problem I am facing, do not get any data on ThingSpeak.

So please help to sort out the issue!! Question 2 years ago. I had strictly followed all the steps given in article but still I don't get any output on ThingSpeak.

I had use the same program from article.The wireless temperature sensors of the new Nano SPY range are miniaturized in order to be placed the closest possible to the monitored thermo-sensitive products, in a fixed and mobile installation.

They are suitable for locations with many monitored units, where a small size is an advantage as a transport box, and where sensors can be difficult to access or not needed a display screen. The Nano SPY data loggers measure and record temperature and humidity data. Find all wireless mini data loggers of the Nano SPY range.

Wireless temperature data loggers. IoT solution for the Cold chain monitoring. Metrology services. Wireless temperature and humidity mini data loggers Nano SPY.

Perfectly fit to meet the needs of temperature and humidity monitoring of storage areas and during transport.

iot temperature logger

Related video. Watch the presentation video and learn how the JRI MySirius solution can be efficient to monitor temperature and many other parameters during transportation and storage of sensitives products. Related products. Nano SPY sensors monitor temperature and humidity the closest to your sensitive products.

JRI MySirius is a cloud-based monitoring solution for storage areas and during transport. Europe America Middle East Asia.This data could later be used to determine device specific events like operating duration, total power consumption etc. We have attached Hornbill Industrial Data Logger to a bench top drill machine, you may add it any machine where power and temperature measurements can result in useful insights.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The Hornbill IDL kit comes with all the parts required. To build this you'll need:. The sensor should be clipped to the phase wire of the equipment power and the thermocouple should be tagged to the device.

Power and Temperature Data Logger With ESP32 and AWS IOT

Temperature and current will be continuously monitored and logged to amazon server every 5sec. To compile the code add the following libraries. The data is logged to AWS, however there is no way to visualize it. So we have built a data visualization and device control tool at Hornbill IO. Hornbill IO is still work in progress and we will release a beta version soon. However, here is how the plot looks on the dashboard.

Question 1 year ago on Step 7. More by the author:. We also help companies and individuals prototype embedded electronics. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project?

NB-IoT data logger

Share it with us! I Made It!Post a Comment. At this early stage I plan to have fairly minimal functionality, with a server running on the BBB which periodically measures the temperature, and then access this over the internet using a client on another machine.

The server will be written in C and make use of SQLite for the database. When it is set to run it will log the temperature at a regular interval, simultaneously recording the temperature and the time of measurement.

The client will be able to set some parameters in the server, such as turning on or off the data collection of the temperature at a regular interval and changing the interval between measurements. The client will also be able to obtain data from the server, plot a graph of it and download it to a file.

In this entry I will concentrate on getting a fairly complete working version of the server, and use a very crude client written in C to test its functionality. This is easy to do if you have a new enough version of the Linux kernel, and I strongly recommend updating if you are having trouble.

I am using Debian Stretch with kernel 4. The probe has three wires, a positive, a negative, and a signal. The signal needs to be configured with a pull up resistor. The probe is nominally 5V but you need to use 3. Because of this lower voltage I used a 3. The probe's accuracy is not sensitive to this, so it doesn't matter much. Each probe has its own serial number and this will effect the name of the directory where the driver file is located.

The functionality I have added requires a major expansion of this code. As it stands the function of my server depends upon the first character of the stream sent from the client when it initialises communication. When the server is started it does nothing until some instruction is provided from the client. Stops the server from measuring, provided it is currently measuring.

Reads the data from the data base Changes the period for measurement. The initial period is set to 1 minute Shuts the server program down completely Upon starting the server it checks to see whether the database file temperature. Lets start the server on port by first compiling it on the BBB you will need to change line of server.

We can then run the client program on another machine, or on the BBB itself.

iot temperature logger

I ran it from a local Linux machine where the BBB can be accessed by the name beaglebone. So the client was run providing the following response: client beaglebone.

The client then responds that: "Temperature monitoring started". Next we run the client again: client beaglebone. After some time various entries will build up in the data base. These can be read by the client: client beaglebone.

The first line from the server gives us the integer 8 which is the number of measurements returned. When the measurements were started the default value for the period of 1 minute was set, then some 3 plus minutes later this was changed to 30 minutes and the measuring continued.

This was done in the afternoon when the temperature of the room I was in was increasing. Note that the server automatically synchronises the measurements to coincide with the turn of the hour.

If an integer value which is not a factor of 60 7 for example is chosen for the period, then the first measurement of the next hour will be shifted forward to fall on the turn. This could be on the same BBB or another Linux computer. It might compile on OSX using gcc but I haven't tried it. What's Next?Forgot your password? Email Us Having Trouble? Email Us. Ask us about our NB-IoT enabled logger that retro-fits to practically any water meter to collect detailed data on water usage and upload that data to the cloud.

This effectively transforms a regular water meter into a modern digital water meter. In addition to water metering, the logger can be fit to a wide range of sensors to measure other parameters including pressure, water level, temperature, valve status, and more.

There is no need to buy, build, or maintain any wireless networking equipment as the logger communicates via a highly efficient NB-IoT wireless network.

iot temperature logger

The logger is highly configurable in terms of what data is collected, and how it is delivered to where you need it. Click here to also view our NB-IoT enabled Numeter - a fully integrated water, ultrasonic water meter.

WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities. See some of our clients below. Smart Meter Login. NB-IoT Logger. Connects to range of water meters to collect information on your water usage.

Ideal for: Airports Aged care facilities Universities Hospitals Supermarkets Caravan parks 24 hour water users Council and utilities Contact us to discover more. Our Clients WaterGroup works with some of Australia's largest private and public entities.Provide one step complete temprature monitoring IoT Solutons,such as temperature data logger, cloud platform, Apps,Email alerts,History data export and temperature curve analysis chart. Weather Station IoT Solutions for remote monitoring Wind speed, rainfall, temperature, wind direction, illuminance, etc.

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The Cellular IoT Data Logger including 1 channel, multi-channel inputs, supports analog transducers and temperature humidity sensors, such as temperature, temperature and humidity, liquid level, current, voltage, pressure, flow speed, wind speed, PH value,toxic gas and so on.

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It can measure 2V, 6V, 12V single cell voltage, total current of battery pack and total battery pack temperature.