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Peri-procedural transcatheter valve embolization and migration TVEM is a rare but potentially devastating complication of transcatheter aortic valve implantation TAVI. We sought to assess the incidence, causes, and outcome of TVEM in a large multicentre cohort. The use of self-expanding or first-generation prostheses and presence of a bicuspid aortic valve were independent predictors of TVEM. Bail-out measures included repositioning attempts using snares or miscellaneous tools Transcatheter aortic valve implantation TAVI has introduced a paradigm shift in the management of severe aortic stenosis.

The scarce existing data suggest that TVEM is rare but carries a dismal prognosis. Furthermore, resheathable new-generation devices could be advantageous.

We aimed to assess the incidence, causes, and clinical outcome of peri-procedural TVEM in a large multicentre cohort, and to characterize the spectrum of bail-out measures. In addition, centres provided data on total TAVI volumes and implanted devices. Details on core-laboratory MDCT analyses regarding aortic root morphology and sizing are shown in the Supplementary material online. The TAVI procedures were performed according to site-specific standards.

The study was conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and was approved by each local ethics committee. Transcatheter valve embolization and migration was defined according to VARC-2 criteria.

Inconsistencies were resolved by in-depth review of available angiographic images or tomographic data. Follow-up data were obtained from outpatient visits, via telephone interview, or from last available medical records. Continuous variables are reported as mean and standard deviation and were compared via independent t -tests. A Cox regression was computed to estimate the risk factors of 1-year mortality of TVEM patients a detailed description is provided in the Supplementary material online.

For an adjusted comparison of outcomes between TVEM and non-TVEM, we conducted 1-to-4 nearest-neighbour propensity score matching details are given in the Supplementary material online. To analyse a potential centre-related bias regarding peri-procedural complications, a random-effect-model was implemented using a generalized linear mixed model with a binary logistic regression as target regression and link with the linear model.

Further details are provided in the Supplementary material online. Patient-level data were available for all TVEM patients and for In the crude analysis, patients with TVEM had differences in baseline characteristics, procedural factors, and considerably increased morbidity and mortality Supplementary material onlineTable S4.For discussions about the database activity module ONLY. For questions about Moodle's databaseplease post in General help. Before starting a new discussion topic, please check the Database activity FAQ and try a forum search.

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Such a systemic shift may have major repercussions on the stability of financial systems, via abrupt asset revaluations, defaults on debt, and the creation of bubbles in rising industries. We substantiate this claim with a critical review of the conceptual and historical literature, which also shows that most literature either examines structural change in the real economy, or risks to financial stability, but rarely both together.

We also review the state of play of policy aiming to protect the financial system from transition risks and spell out research implications. This is an official web page of the University of Massachusetts.

Pleasant St. Low-Carbon Transition Risks for Finance. Edwards October 02, Working Paper. View PDF. Edwards October Gregor Semieniuk, Isabella Weber April See more research and commentary by this authorDavide Moscardelli born 3 February is an Italian former professional footballer who played as a striker.

A dynamic forward, Moscardelli possesses good technical ability and strength. He is famous for his acrobatic goals, as well as his iconic beard. Starting from the Promozione —the seventh tier in Italian football—inMoscardelli climbed the Italian football league system and reached the Serie C2the fourth tier, in Between —04 and —10Moscardelli played seven consecutive seasons in Serie Bfor TriestinaRiminiCesenaand Piacenza. In —11 Moscardelli debuted in the Serie A with Chievowith whom he stayed three seasons, before playing for fellow top-tier side Bologna for two seasons, his last in the Italian top division.

Between andMoscardelli spent his career in the Italian third division, before playing his last season, —20with Pisa in Serie B. He has played over games in all competitions, scoring over goals.

Moscardelli was born in MonsBelgium, on 3 Februaryas his father, along with his family, was working in Belgium for the Italian Air Force. Moscardelli started his career with an Italian amateur club from MaccareseFiumicinoLazio, which played in Promozione Lazio —, seventh level and Eccellenza Lazio —01, sixth level.

Davide Moscardelli

He scored 20 league goals in 27 league games with his new team Guidonia Montecelio in —02 Eccellenza Lazio season. However, he also caused the team to be deducted 10 points, after he was made to play despite being disqualified. His efficiency attracted the interest of Serie A side Chievo who offered him a professional contract, but farmed him to Serie C2 side Sangiovannese in a co-ownership deal. With the Tuscany based team, he scored an average of 0.

With the Venezia Giulia based team, he partnered with Denis Godeas and they scored 26 goals in total, exceed half of the team scored.

Moscardelli himself netted 16 times in 42 Serie B games. Triestina finished just above the relegation zone and enter the play-off for relegation tie-breaker and the team won 4—0 to Vicenza in aggregate.

Moscardelli substituted Tulli in the second half of the first leg of the play-off [9] and he did not play the second leg.

He was sold near the start of Serie B first round, co-currently the team signed Isah Eliakwu from Internazionale. Moscardelli joined Serie B newcomer Rimini on 27 August He scored in his club debut on 10 September, that match he partnered with Motta and Moscardelli scored 1 goals; after Moscardelli was substituted by Floccari, Motta scored 2 more goals in 85 and 95 minutes and made Rimini won 4—2 against Catanzaro. He scored 6 goals in 31 games.

Despite only making 11 starts, he scored 9 goals and Matri 4. At the start of —08 Serie B season, he played twice for Rimini at —08 Coppa Italiascored 1 goal. He played both matches as second-half substitutes. He signed a 3-year contract and to replace the void of Daniele Cacia. That season Piacenza finished in mid-table and neither scored a double figure. In —10 season, Moscardelli's one of the partner was often fixed to Simone Guerra which Moscardelli scored 14 league goals.

emanuele peri

That season Piacenza only scored 40 goals and finished as the 15th out of 22 teams. He started in the pre-season friendlies. Piacenza also re-signed Daniele Caciamade Moscardelli's starting place became uncertain. As part of the deal, Chievo loaned Alessandro Sbaffo with a pre-set price to buy and Cesare Rickler to the Emilia—Romagna; Chievo did not announced the contract length of the player.

Moscardelli made a good start in his second spells with the Veneto side. He scored on his Serie A debut, a 2—1 won against Catania on 29 August Skip to main content. Home Plugins Activities Zoom meeting Description. You are currently using guest access Log in.

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emanuele peri

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I usually plan all my trips myself but it was so nice to let Irja know what I wanted and let her do all the tedious planning and booking. It was really amazing and our trip completely lived up to our expectations. I feel like a spoiled traveler now because Irja took a lot of the travel planning headache away from me and she did a really great job.

We really appreciated the complimentary upgrades too. Just wanted to say we had a really lovely time on our 'grand tour' of the Highlands and Islands. We hadn't realised how many mountains Scotland had. And how beautiful the scenery.

All our accommodation was great. Thanks for organising it. I booked this trip within 3 weeks of our arrival during the height of the summer season in Iceland. Since it was a self-driving tour, I was not sure if it would be worth it given the price.

I did not have time to research nor to book hotels, nor did I know what was realistic as I had been able to research options. With it all arranged by Margret Wendt, the stops highlighted and the book, it made it very easy to see many sights in a day and piece of mind to know we had a place to stay. From our first encounter with Margret, she captured all the details and requirements for us, which she summarized back in an email, then crafted a great tour on short notice.

We were able to spend our time touring and experiencing everything (12-14 hours each day) rather than on the internet researching and stress of trying to find accommodations. So much to see ,so be sure to plan a lot of days if you are active and want to include additional activities (i.

When we needed assistance, change of plans or had questions, the Nordic team was responsive and helpful any time and any day.

emanuele peri

Very easy to find contact info. The hosts at each location were incredibly welcoming and made our stay wonderful. Our contact at Nordic Visitor, Christoph, was thorough and helpful in accommodating needs for our trip and was a great help in planning the trip. I am thrilled to use Nordic Visitor for my Scandinavian travels.

This was our third tour using the company and I can't rave enough about how great the trips have been. I recommend Nordic Visitor to all friends and colleagues interested in traveling to supported countries.

Excellent communication with our advisor.