Colasessano s pizza fairmont menu

Hours : Middletown Cir, Fairmont Menu. This is one of our favorite places to get pepperoni rolls in the area. It is always our first stop when we get into town. The only things we have ever eaten there are the antipasto salad and the pepperoni rolls, so I can't really comment on the other food, but those are both really good.

If you have a big group, you will need a reservation or you could end up waiting a really long time. Service is always friendly but generally on the slow side so prepare to be patient. Limited toppings but an homemade bread crust and a delectable cheese blend! Make sure to try one of their baked pepperoni rolls, they are 8 inches long and filled with your choice of sauce, cheese, and peppers. Go for everything! They are an unbeatable treat!

More Reviews Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability. Colasessano's Pizza. The reason for the negative review is that it is day one of small essential businesses opening per Gov Justice and I called ahead to see if I could pay over the phone and have them bring the food to my car due to me having my toddler.

February October The BEST pizza. Extra Dressings and Sauces 0. Fairmont, West Virginia. More Info Attire: Casual. Nearby Restaurants Subway - Middletown Mall.Servers were hindered by a really slow kitchen. I got there aroundwas met by server right away and got my drink.

Quickly ordered and then waited, waited, waited, for my salad; then waited, waited, waited, for my spaghetti; and then waited, waited, waited, Obviously have the slows in the kitchen. We had ate at stores other location before but this was first time at this location, everything was great. Food was great, service was great and atmosphere is very pleasant.

Highly recommend this restaurant. Ordered of the menu, and waited, food finally came and was left overs reheated by microwave, took food because it was paid for, and threw it away, would not say it. The cheese pizza was reminiscent of bisquick dough with watered down canned spaghetti sauce. While we was in Fairmont West Virginia we had to make a trip to colasessano's I have to say since I first visit the state of West Virginia and try one of these pepperoni rolls it was the absolute greatest pepperoni rolls I've ever had The state itself is very beautiful we went during the winter months it was an unfortunate situation but nevertheless very beautiful state to visit and spend time at we enjoyed our time we enjoy family and friends and we try to make it a habit to go back at least once a year but if you're in Fairmont or Morgantown you have to try colasessano's you would not be disappointed!

We have,for many years ordered buns from colasessano's. The best any place. Called in today for pick up. Got home and the bun's were so small, not any thing like they were.

We were so sorry we stoped. We will not eat there again. Will buy from Murials, the best big hoagie' any place. GPS will not get you here - trust me. The layout of the restaurant is a bit odd - lots of wasted space so waiting for a table is annoying.

The food was good and the portions of the meals The sauce is sweeter than I prefer and the sweet tea is not sweet enough - but I enjoyed my meal. Driving by and thought it is lunch time. They have a nice atmosphere. Their pizza is always excellent. Our favorite place to get pizza. It had thick crust. We got pepperoni, Italian sausage and mixed peppers.

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colasessano s pizza fairmont menu

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Colasessano's Pizza

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The WHO also reaches out to health care providers with kits that help these professionals identify counterfeit medicines and report them.What's wrong with this menu? Colasessano's Pizza. Call Menu Info. Chef's Menu. Catering Menu.

Breaded mozzarella fried golden brown and served with your choice of sauce. Slices of our homemade bread topped with provolone and Parmesan cheeses, our special blend of fresh tomatoes, herbs and olive oil.

colasessano s pizza fairmont menu

Plank cut fries with a light beer batter coating served with your choice of ketchup or sauce. Our fresh homemade bread, sticks of provolone and slices of pepperoni. Breaded pickles fried golden brown and served with your choice of sauce. Italian Wedding Soup Seasonal. Soup du Jour Seasonal. Garden Salad. Crisp iceberg and romaine mix topped with diced cucumbers, green olives, peppadews, tomatoes and shredded provolone. Antipasto Salad. Salami, pepperoni, ham, diced cucumbers, green olives, peppadews, tomatoes and shredded provolone on a bed of iceberg and romaine lettuce.

Tender chicken or steak, diced cucumbers, tomatoes, crispy fries and shredded provolone on a bed of iceberg and romaine lettuce.

Colasessano's - Bellview

Tri-colored rotini mixed with diced cucumbers and tomatoes in our homemade dressing. Our sandwiches are served on our fresh homemade round or hoagie style bun. Our fresh toasted round bun filled with salami, provolone and mild, mixed, hot, or banana peppers. Our fresh hoagie bun stuffed with ham, salami, pepperoni and provolone, topped with lettuce, tomato and a side of Creamy Italian dressing.

Choice of our fresh toasted round or hoagie bun stacked high with chipped steak, mild, mixed, hot, or banana peppers and provolone.We are a dine-in and carryout restaurant. Our rolls can be bought frozen or freshly baked and we serve them with sauce and a wide variety of other dishes too. So come visit us!

Convenient Online Ordering Place your order online and it will be ready for pickup. We have locations in White Hall and on Pennsylvania Avenue near Bellview offering dine-in and carryout service featuring pizza, buns, hoagies, pasta and more.

The White Hall location is situated behind the Middletown Mall and offers a complete bar. The Pennsylvania Avenue location, which has beer and wine available, was recently remodeled and is now ready to serve you in a fresh, wonderful atmosphere. The pepperoni bun originated in Fairmont. For your next office party or gatherings with family and friends, leave the work to us with our take out catering. Choose from pans of various Pastas, Salad, Meatballs and more.

Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance and payment is required when the order is placed. Schedule your next celebration with us! Buffet Style Dining is offered from a select catering menu for groups up to 80 people. I can place purchasing information here along with locations and stores where they can buy the products.

Here's what people are saying. Jim Martin — Fairmont This is my absolute favorite restaurant.

colasessano s pizza fairmont menu

Love the new building in White Hall! Nat Barouch — Morgantown What a great place to take the family. Great atmosphere. Food was incredible. Alisa Marx — Ohio The pepperoni buns are unbelievable. Our pizza was hot and fresh. Amazing Pizza!

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colasessano s pizza fairmont menu

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